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We are official IPv4 Escrow Broker in RIPE / APNIC / ARIN
Need IPv4 resources or want to sell?
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Buy / Sell IPv4

Buy / Sell IPv4

We are ready to undertake all this work

The procedure of IP transfer is a risky business for both seller and buyer. Also it demands a lot of patience to get through all the steps of the transfer.

That is why we are ready to undertake all this work. We try to minimize the time spent and the number of steps required to successfully complete the transfer. Our clients prefer to use escrow services as the third party and we only completely endorse it.

Regular IPv4 Transfer

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Regular IP transfer process for businesses, agencies, platforms such as:

  • Creating Escrow transaction
    1 - 3 days
  • 2 - 3 days
    Buyer wires total amount to Escrow Services Provider
  • Escrow confirms receipt of wire transfer and secure the funds
    1 - 2 days
  • 1 - 2 days
    Seller and Buyer sigh RIPE Transfer Agreement and Seller opens ticket for transfer
  • RIPE audits documents and complete the transfer
    1 - 2 days
  • 2 - 3 days
    Seller and Buyer confirm in Escrow transfer was completed
  • Escrow release the funds and seller recives the wire

Our process

We know that there are permanent need of IP resources and we are ready to assist you in this matter

If you have extra IPs and want to have a permanent extra income — it is time to consider the lease out of IPs.
Opportunities and rental options are different.
Objects are assigned in accordance with the agreement guaranteeing the services and the use of objects during agreed time, with agreed payment methode and turms of use.

All process from your IP lease inquiry till payment usually takes not more than 2-3 business days and can be described with simple 5 steps:

You place inquiry
for leasing and describing how IPs will be used
We are searching
in our clients database most nigh offers
After offered options
you are choosing the one
We are preparing
the test and owner setting up the IP resources
After test
(ussually not more than 24 hours) we have the deal and receiving payment which wil be sent to the owner

Why choose us

You will have such benefits working with us:

- We are REALLY FAST we can open Escrow within 1 hour

- We have valid official memberships in RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, AFRINIC, ESCROW

- We act as a guarantor of your deal all payments are carried out only through us

- We provide responsibility we are responsible for all the stages of the official transactions

- We support all major worldwide payment systems we can accept any payment method convenient to you

- Owners validations each seller carefully checked to be recognized as originally IPs owners

- We can assist you with the merging of two existing LIRs we will guide and help you with filling all required documents for the LIRs merging

- We can help you create LIR and get /24 IPv4 (256 addresses) PA block and /48 IPv6 block you will get your LIR status within ~7 days

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Total time 2-3 days max

  • 1 Inquiry
  • Search 2
  • 3 Match
  • Setup 4
  • 5 You use it :)

Why choose us

We Are Official RIPE Broker, APNIC Broker, ARIN Broker

We are leading provider of IPv4 resource transitions

We know how to prepare all the documents required for transfer

We know how to speedup the process


We Act As A Guarantor Of Your Deal

All payments are carried out only through us

All Payment Systems

We Support All Major Worldwide Payment Systems

We can accept any payment method convenient for you


We Provide Responsibility

We are responsible for all the stages of the official transactions

Each Seller Is Tested And Provided Evidence Supporting The Legitimate Reasons For Selling
All sellers are checked and recognized as originally IPs owners
Merge LIRs

If Necessary, We Can Assist You With The Merging Of Two Current LIRs

We will guide and help you with filling all required documents for the LIRs merging

LIR Registration

We Also Can Help You To Become LIR And Get The /22 IPv4 (1024 Addresses) PA Block And /48 IPv6 Block

With our company you can obtain LIR status within 7 days!

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For any further information please feel free to contact us via the livechat or at ripe@dcxv.com


Due to the fact that the September 14th, 2012 Ripe officially stopped to allocate IPv4 addresses, we offer customers a complete solution for the acquisition of IPv4 addresses blocks for further development of your business in Internet services

The cost of buying a single address on the market varies depending on the customer, seller and conditions of the transaction, remittance options, fees, taxes

We'll describe in detail how to legally sell and buy IP addresses and ASN's

Regular IPv4 Transfer

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