Successfully storing data in EU since 2007

Development center

Working in the market of IT services for more than 9 years, we have created a project that meets all the needs of our customers

Custom Software development

we are open to your ideas and ready to convert them into reliable software with a full-cycle development and support, including:

Standalone desktop applications (Electron)

UI/UX design wireframes

Mobile applications (ReactNative, IOS, Android)

Math-related / solutions for complex computations

Custom Software development

Custom Web Development

we are working on the edge of technologies to deliver the reliable and quality web software:

Website solutions (Next, SvelteKit)

Web applications (React/SPA)

Embeddable web services APIs (GraphQL, REST)

Custom Web Development

Custom System Design

We are ready to save your time and provide comprehensive support and consultancy on designing reliable systems that will handle abnormal amount of traffic

System design based on real hardware performance

Microservices implementation

CDN-related optimization

Database analysis & optimizations

Custom webserver solutions with embeddable database support

Custom System Design

Outstaff & High-End developers

Depending on your project & your needs we can hire / delegate our high-end developers to work on your project on a fulltime basis, because:

Remote workplace is not the future, it's reality

Our office equipped with the latest technology and comfortable envirnoment that allow us to work even 24/7

Dedicated professionals, industry experts, all in one place

Cost and savings on your side - save time & save money and space

Less stress & less liability & less staff turnarounds

Frexibility to scale

Outstaff & High-End developers