Comfortable coworking is the key of successful project implementation

Our coworking center is accessible 24/7 for you, you can work on your projects at any time of day and night. Tasty coffee, cozy atmosphere and communication with like-minded people - what could be better?

Why choose us

A place where creative ideas are born and implement!

Convenient call-room reservation for negotiations

Entrance secured by fingerprint, personal place for storage, fixed desk place, high-speed WiFi, 2 lounge zones, smoking zone and many other amenities are available for you in our coworking center.
Fresh air is vital for brainstorming, that's why our coworking equipped with a special fresh exhaust ventilation system.

A place where creative ideas are born and implement

Access 24/7
With programs
Comfort for work
Eating areas
Motivating work
People around

Set of amenities is the main idea in realization of our coworking center

While designing our center, we took into account all the details that our team found not convenient at previous places of work.
We realise all our ideas regarding comfortable stay in this place

Why choose us

Comfort is important!

We make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Every place is equipped with personal lighting, socket and cozy seat. When it gets dark you will have a desire to stay due to our lighting which makes this place incredibly cosy.

Comfort is important

Why choose us

Brain activity needs power

Our coworking center is equipped with two convenient kitchen rooms where you can heat your lunch and make yourself a cup of tea or tasty coffee. There is no need to leave the center in order to have a lunch.

Brain activity needs power