Xeon dedicated server

Xeon dedicated server as perfect solution for begginers in dedicated server lease

If your web project is heavily loaded, your hosting recource is to pure, the site is constantly slows down, then a dedicated server kease is perfect solution. Having access to a server, you can control the production capacity provided by the system to choose the type of operating system, to determine the type and quantity necessary for the work of site, to carry out special settings to optimize and improve the performance of the whole system. All this is available with Xeon dedicated server.

Intel Xeon E3 processor is one of the most powerful high-end processors. This server processor, which is adapted for use in multiprocessor systems, has a cache capacity in the third level of up to 8 MB, 2-4 kernel. Xeon E3 works with RAM up to 32 GB, equipped with graphic Intel HD Graphics 3000 core. Your Xeon dedicated server will run smoothly with really powerful projects.

This processor has a memory controller supporting memory with error correction, it is very important for servers that are designed to allocate business solutions. FlexMigration technology eliminates failures at the virtual machines on the Xeon dedicated server, as in the Intel Xeon E3 enabled hyper-threading and Turbo Boost, the above technologies

Xeon dedicated server suitable for use with most projects of small and medium-sized businesses, can be successfully used to solve specific problems of departments in large companies, can work with graphic applications in large data centers.

Renting a Xeon dedicated server - a service for projects and web-based applications that require high performance, security and reliability. DCXV offers two plans of server lease:

Basic Configuration

Dedicated physical server (Dedicated Server) installed with operating system of the client's choice (Linux / FreeBSD), and a standard set of software. Designed for customers with expertise and resources for self-administer the server. Root-access available for all the basic configuration packages.

Server Administration + admin panel

Xeon dedicated server is fully configured and optimized for hosting platform. All actions related with the administration of a dedicated server (work monitoring, software updates, data backup) will be taken by technical specialists of DCXV. Convenient control panel is providing to control server.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of Xeon dedicated server and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.