Windows VPS server in Europe

How can you use Windows VPS server from DCXV (Xivicom) Company?

With our sever ou will get administrator rights and will be able to freely configure the system for your needs, edit the Firewall rules, create users inside the system and install any necessary software (including requiring a round-the-clock connection to a fast Internet channel).

Such solution is not only suitable for hosting web resources. VPS can serve a remote database server, DNS, FTP and many other services. In addition, users are granted RDP-access and the ability to use the server for Forex trading.

Server can be used as a remote workstation. All the data and applications that are there will be accessible from any computer connected to the Network as easily as if they were on a local machine.

Windows VPS server software solution from DCXV

You can also save on purchasing third-party software licenses while working with any software. To do this, install one licensed copy on the virtual server, and each employee will be able to freely use it from any location.

By ordering a Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS) service or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), you will have at your disposal a powerful virtual dedicated server in Russia. Managing a VPS server is even more convenient than a physical dedicated server - you can easily install any operating system, and configure Admin access, own IP addresses, ports, and much more. Order virual server, if you need absolutely reliable and accessible 24/7 remote desktop.

It is worth noting that, depending on the type of OS, VDS leasing is now performed on Linux or Windows - according to the requirements of the client. Virtual dedicated servers from the company DCXV on the basis of Linux and Windows can solve a variety of tasks, including:

1) Create an unlimited number of sites with any requirements to the operating system;

2) Creation of personal trading exchanges, as well as payment services;

3) Development of a corporate network;

4) Organization of a separate playground.

Find out more about the Windows VPS server as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.