Windows virtual server hosting in Europe with DCXV Company

When it is time to try Windows virtual server hosting?

If the requirements of your existing software components, or your sites higher than technical capabilities of your physical server, a Windows virtual server hosting will save you from the need to upgrade your own hardware base. The virtual server does not differ from the physical: you can install any software components, have root-access, own IP-addresses, ports, filtering rules and routing tables to create their own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones, the owner of a Windows virtual server hosting can remove, add, modify any file.

Windows virtual server hosting provides to website owners great opportunities, comparable to those that you get by purchasing your own server. However, the virtual server will cost you much cheaper. Virtual servers are the best solution for the majority of projects, both from a financial and technical point of view. Especially in demand this service is among the organizers of the temporary projects: television sites, corporate promotions, the election campaign, for which the virtual server rental period is limited to the relevance of the company. This is possible thanks to the fact that the payment of virtual servers is carried out monthly and may be canceled simultaneously with the completion of the campaign. However, no less popular hosting virtual servers among owners of Internet portals, do not want to fit into the narrow confines of a simple shared hosting. Among the many companies that provide hosting services, you can easily choose the one whose tariffs, the possibilities and conditions for you to be the most optimal.

What DCXV can offer to You

With company DCXV you will be provided with high-quality and trouble-free Windows virtual server hosting rental. Reliable equipment and unlimited communication capabilities based on Windows Server 2012 will enable adaptively configure a virtual server for any of your needs. We will help you to calculate the optimal cost and give the test period to get acquainted.

Windows server Rentals ensure stable operation of your site through the use of up to 4 virtual processors, data backup. You will be assigned a static-the IP address, provided support to various host server software. Rental Windows Server 2012 is indispensable for various web applications. Using WebMatrix and SQL Server Express gives you complete freedom of action. Backing up data is guaranteed.

To get access to the demo VPS Windows server, you need to fill in a short questionnaire. If you need Windows virtual server hosting with some additional requirements - be sure to include them. Upon receipt of the questionnaire will be available for you to rent a temporary Windows Server or Linux operating system with Terminal Services, and given access to the Personal Cabinet.

During the 10-day trial period, you can test Windows virtual server hosting from DCXV. After it must be paid through one of the methods proposed for the site to continue using our services.