Windows server administration service in Europe

DCXV (Xivicom) offers Windows server administration service in Europe

Today, effective activity of any company and organization is impossible without the use of modern computer technologies. Whatever you do, the server will help in the work, will become an indispensable "companion" in the processing and systematization of data.

System administrators of the DCXV data center offer professional Windows server administration services for your servers on Windows operating systems on a paid basis. All our system administrators have a higher technical education and extensive experience in solving complex problems. Our work is characterized by documenting our actions and a serious level of security.

Ordering the service "remote Windows server administration" with us, you:

  • Address to experts with a wide experience of servicing servers of any configuration;

  • Ensure that all server software is installed and configured correctly;

  • Receive competent support and qualified assistance;

  • Receive server software that not only works stably, but is always updated on time.

Who might be interested in Windows server administration services?

  • IT solution providers who want to improve their manufacturing processes, but are limited in capabilities and resources

  • Companies that want to maximize the reliability of their internal products and / or services

  • Companies that provide critical IT services, such as e-commerce, the processing of large amounts of data (including data science), artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, etc.

  • Companies and individuals who need quality support for their servers, as well as optimizing the infrastructure as a whole.

How DCXV can assist you with Windows server administration?

Today, server administration is a very popular service, since servers are needed by any company and organization that has its own website, which needs to work with large amounts of data. In many respects, high demand led to the fact that qualitative and competent administration of servers is difficult to meet. If you want to have no problems with the server in the present and the future, contact The company offers a wide range of outsource IT services, including server administration.