Windows dedicated server UK

Choose Windows dedicated server UK from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

The choice of reliable server reflects the success of the business - it is the golden rule is now known to every person, both experienced and novice. Quality hosting - is an integral part of your business model. As they say, demand creates supply. Quite a few companies are now offering to get Windows dedicated server UK at resonable prices with high quality too. The question arises: how to avoid mistakes when choosing Windows dedicated server UK?

In DCXV data center you can rent a physical server that are in our UK data center. Renting a dedicated server is relevant for fast growing websites that have quickly run out of space on the virtual server, and for large corporate projects that have higher requirements for server performance, stable operation and data security.

When renting a dedicated server you will save a lot of money on purchase of own equipment and server maintanance the issue related to ensuring its efficiency. Also, in contrast to the virtual (where a lot of resources available on the same server), a Windows dedicated server UK will be completely yours and all of its resources will only work for you.

Stability and quality

  • Only the best Windows dedicated server UK: all equipment is tested prior to installation in the rack

  • Dedicated servers are equipped with RAID 1, which ensures data integrity. Backup is done on a daily basis.

  • Operational Technical Support: 24/7 monitoring, problem solved with dedicated server as soon as possible

  • 100% server capacity at your disposal. Complete independence: no "neighbors on the server", with which we share performance.

  • Discretion: no restrictions on the software on your server.

  • Free Traffic: grow your business, improve your projects without limits

The big advantage of a d Windows dedicated server UK is that it helps to significantly reduce the cost of software. This ensures security of all information leaks which can cause significant risks and losses. On DCXV site you can always find the cost of Windows dedicated server UK and other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.