What is dedicated server

What is dedicated server? Quick review with DCXV Company.

A dedicated server (dedicated server hosting) - a service by purchasing you get a fully configured by our experts and ready for use the server. This type of server allows to use its resources in the most comfortable way, and protect information more securely and efficiently, make backups, while DDos protection is also carried out more fully. The user can choose the type of OS, which wants to work, as well as the kind and type of your databases, use his program, including self-publishing, as well as to rebuild the very configuration of the server system to optimally adjust it to fit your needs.

Answering the question what is dedicated server, you need to realize what does dedicated server give to me?

This is the best solution for those who do not want to waste time and resources on the server purchase, hiring and training of technical personnel and other related costs. You get full control over your dedicated server on root level and you can independently change settings, install any software.

The "dedicated server" service is actually a set of two services: the provision of rental server and connect it to the network according to the selected conditions. We offer several standard configuration options for dedicated servers with different price and capacity. For more information about our offers, you can find on DCXV page.

The subscription fee includes:

installing a server in our data center;

ensuring uninterrupted power of a dedicated server for 1st category;

physical connection to the data center (port Ethernet 100/1000 Mbit / s full-duplex). Connection does not include the inclusion of the Internet (see tariffs.);

installation and configuration of the operating system;

providing root-access to the server;

allocation to 1 IP-address;

clock monitoring server health with notification by phone or e-mail in case of problems;

hour technical support;

free replacement of emergency kits;

reboot and execute shell-commands needed to boot the operating system.

After the transfer root-access, you alone are responsible for the performance of the operating system, or you can order additional system server administration service. In this case, the network security of your dedicated server, action to maintain the current software version on it, setting up and updating the operating system components have become our priority.

We hope that with this DCXV article you know now what is dedicated server and became little bit closer to the world of hosting and data centers.