What is a dedicated server

What is a dedicated server and how to find the best one?

In today's world, it seems that everyone has a website, not only organizations, large and small, individual entrepreneurs, but also ordinary people.

But the site has to be physically positioned in such a way to be available around the clock for all users. For this purpose, web hosting, if you say easier, place the computer data center that never shuts down. But this argument makes sense for small projects - sites, business cards of individual entrepreneurs and small online stores, that is, sites, the volume of which is relatively small and attendance data. But when traffic to the site becomes, more than 10 000 people a day, acquires relevance of the question: what is a dedicated server and how it can help me?

What is a dedicated server?
To answer this question to the most of people, it is enough to read the title carefully - dedicated, means separate, only for you; Server - a computer ... A dedicated server is a kind of the opposite of shared hosting where the provider's server on a number of websites are owned by different owners at the same time (or one, but still a few sites, a lot). Renting a dedicated server is needed when virtual hosting is no longer meet the increased power requirements or when some software can not work within the meager resources allocated to virtual hosting.

Where to choose a dedicated server?
Other things being equal, it makes sense to choose a dedicated server in the same region in which users of the site live, which will be located on the server. But it is not worth paying attention to this advice, if the resource is contrary to the laws of the country, which is home to most of its visitors.

Companies to rent a dedicated server?
There are two options when choosing a provider dedicated server services - from resellers and data center directly. In many situations, it makes sense to choose a data center, since it is possible to communicate with the experts that serve the server.

What to put attention when renting a dedicated server?
- Of course the platform (to be modern, and the hard disk capacity sufficient). It is necessary to carry out monitoring of companies offering to rent a server, focusing not only on price but also on the hardware that they use, choosing the best balance "price / quality."
- The monthly volume of traffic. Are there any limits (the division of traffic on the inbound and outbound, domestic and foreign, and so on. N.). How to pay for traffic overruns.
- Internet data center channel - its actual speed, both forward and reverse connection.

We hope that now you know what is a dedicated server and following these simple guidelines, you can choose the best for your dedicated server.