Webhosting reseller plan

Choose webhosting reseller plan from DCXV Company

Webhosting reseller plan is ideal for customers who want to place a large number of sites with separate management. (Such as host sites friends or clients).You can resell hosting accounts to your clients by creating a hosting company or web design studio.

You determine the value of options and hosting plans for your clients, and you can create and use your own DNSy ns1.yourcompany.com and ns2.yourcompany.com so that your customers will not know that you are working as a reseller.


To place a webhosting reseller plan account, we use only professional servers based on processors Dual Quad Core Xeon CPU. It is also used by the most reliable and high-performance RAID-10 storage and hot-swappable drives to provide smooth operation of the system even in case of failure of one disk array raid.

Only DCXV — choose the country of data placing

  • When ordering webhosting reseller plan you can choose which data center (in which country) you want to place yourwebsite (accessible Ukraine, the USA, Lithuania). Depending on which country it is expected to the largest number of visitors. This will accelerate the speed of access to your site visitors from these regions.

  • All clients provide bonus package! (Templates for websites, collection of images, templates for banners, headers kits, e-marketing books)

DCXV we offer only for webhosting reseller plan:

The ability to create their own hosting company and sell hosting services under his own name and with their rates without large investments

Control panel for resellers - «WHM» ( «Web Host Manager»), allowing to create separate «CPanel» accounts for your clients

Your customers independently manage their sites through their «CPanel» Control Panel

Permanent 25% discount on registration and renewal Domain

Ability to create and use their own DNS

Website Builder autoinstaller and scripts are available for free for your customers (not just you)

The ability to use any billing systems (whmcs, rootpanel et al.) for the automation of work with clients, create, delete accounts.

On DCXV site you can always find the list of webhosting reseller plan solutions and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.