Webhosting provider in Europe

Reliable webhosting provider in Europe

This article clarifies the idea of hosting and webhosting provider in Europe. It may be useful for those who want or have recently organized its representation in the Internet. Providing hosting becomes as important for the modern business, as the concept of television, radio, newspapers and magazines. The article will help to identify what type of webhosting provider is needed to minimize problems.

Web-hosting is the place for your site. Choose webhosting provider wisely, because its services depends on the download speed of your Internet project.

A reliable webhosting provider that you trust

DCXV provides hosting services to thousands of websites and users for 12 years. And every year we ask ourselves the question: what else can we do better? Reliability, service, price, resources, cost domain registration - DCXV is constantly changing for the better, to guarantee you best offer. 8 out of 10 new clients annually renew a contract with us - and this is a direct proof of the fact that we? As webhosting provider is truly quality hosting.

Popular control panel

Webhosting provider DCXV uses well-proven panels from the company ISPsystem. We chose them for a wide range of functions for managing sites and servers, ease of transfer accounts and user-friendly interface. Make changes to your paid hosting real-time, DCXV did all this to be as comfortable as possible.

Rapid support

Professional technical support - one of the main trump cards of the modern and fast hosting. 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, the guys on our end of the line ready to help you in word and deed - and they deal with it very effectively. On this occasion, DCXV, as a responsible webhosting provider, has collected a whole collection of thanks from our customers: check out the reviews.

Fast server and communication channels

Need Server Rental? Or buy the resources for the new domain? No problems. Webhosting provider DCXV uses multi-core-based servers to host sites (read - of super) Intel Xeon processor. Each server is equipped with high-speed SAS disks and SSD - the most reliable in its class. Add to that unlimited bandwidth at a speed of 100 Mbit / s: and you will see that the access to your domain does not even need to worry at peak loads.