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How to choose web server cost with DCXV Company

What is WEB server and the does web server cost includes

Recently term virtual WEB server stated combine a great number of services, software, media, tools, and data processing technologies. In its classical sense, WEB-server - a server that is responsible for HTTP-request processing, and the clients are browsers users who are actively browsing the images, refer to the database, download files, and so on.

Web-server is also responsible for processing files requests, access control customers, processes the requests network services, executes scripts on popular languages such as JSP, ASP and PHP. Importantly, the WEB server concept is applicable not only to a software environment, but also to the physical device that supports the operation sites or other services. So you need to be captious choosing web server cost.

What can function as WEB server?

Recently became popular WEB servers that are running systems that allocate resources a high-performance machines of all customers. Technically, a web server can be virtually any computer on which you installed the software to support software. This means that web server cost may be the cost of your home computer and internet connection. But DCXV Virtual server opens to user more possibilities:

* Control of used resources - if your Web service is being actively developed, and you do not have enough capacity to handle user requests, you can quickly "expand" the possibility of their virtual stations. This is done by allocating additional resources to the hosting provider

* Reliability - the use of workstations and personal computers groups to launch internet projects - far in the past. Disruptions to energy supply, poor communication channel, irregular work does not allow you to run stable Web services. The virtual server is located on large servers that are running systems to ensure smooth operation.

* Service – the developer or the owner goal is reduced to install software and setting up, servicing the technical component is produced by the hosting provider.

The hosting provider web server cost depends on what resources will be allocated to your projects and how much load will be in connection with the user’s site. You always can test any server and get web server cost list for your site or project by reaching DCXV sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.