SSD for server

Check out web hosting solutions for providers and end users

DCXV offers providers the necessary tools to automate all processes related to supply shared hosting services. Independent software vendors can develop Web applications using APS that will allow application providers to deliver directly to end users without any development or integration.

DCXV's web hosting solutions

DCXV automates the delivery of shared web hosting services, from ordering to billing and renewal. Our solutions integrate all components of a web hosting solutions package into a single easy-to-use control panel:

• Website settings

• Database


• Domain Registration

• E-mail

• FTP and file management software

• Applications

Plans shared web hosting include several hundred applications and features to manage and customize. DCXV's web hosting solutions help service providers to create service packages, the delivery of which can be carried out without any interference. User friendly control panel allows end users to manage hundreds of tasks (adding applications, password change e-mail address, etc.) that would otherwise have to carry out staff support service provider.

Automation of other manual tasks, including ordering, billing, payment, collection and updating of accounts can be performed via the integrated DCXV billing system.

Web hosting solutions for Business (SaaS)

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software delivered as a service that is available over the Internet via a standard web browser. The main advantage of the SaaS model as the IT solution for the end customer is the absence of the cost of installation, configuration, update and support of the equipment and software. SaaS-service and system of SaaS-deserved recognition from the experts of IT outsourcing, as is a modern and comfortable IT-business solutions was developed to solve the problem of business processes optimization and minimize costs through hosting and rental applications.

“The 5 minutes site”

Thanks to DCXV web hosting solutions Plesk Panel 10 SiteBuilder, you can create a professional looking website in record time, while you absolutely do not need to have special knowledge. You can choose from 60 ready-made design templates, easy to make the necessary data in a convenient interactive editor and is also easy to maintain your website during the whole period of its operation.

"Business Mail"

"Business Mail" is one of versatile web hosting solutions based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, which will not only organize a corporate e-mail for the company, but also help your employees to work from anywhere and efficiently plan joint activities. This is SaaS-business class solution, which does not require a significant investment.

You always can test web hosting solutions from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.