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Professional web hosting solution

DCXV - one of the professional players in the EU web hosting solution market. Professional approach allowed the company DCXV quickly take a leading position. Professionalism is confirmed not only by the number of customers, but also their level. Among the DCXV clients there are banks, factories, media, big companies, web-design studio, web developers and Internet projects that when choosing a hosting important criteria such as the speed of the sites under heavy load, data security and maximum compatibility with user technical platform needs.

Optimal environment for hosting

Hosting DCXV based on its own technology platform that enables us to provide customers the benefits of which are expressed in the possibilities of setting optimal and safe environment for the functioning of the sites.

Over the years, the company DCXV specialists provide web hosting solution of location and support for large and very large-scale Internet projects, organizations and companies main sites. During this time, we have accumulated a lot of experience optimizing and tuning hosting platforms component, methods, optimization software and databases. The experience has allowed to develop a range of solutions that meet the most demanding customers’ needs.

DCXV high-speed solutions

Outstanding Performance not only provides optimized source-level settings and software for web hosting solution, but also a number of decisions, which are called streaming. Streaming - a set of advanced technologies, which are designed to accelerate the sites work at critical loads and high attendance, as well as sites that host large amounts of data for download. streaming solutions based on the specific content-oriented servers, which optimally use the hardware resources of the base, as well as on a number of software products that provide acceleration and caching.

Security features

The safety of web hosting solution is provided by the system that has several levels of protection. The system includes not just firewalls and intrusion detection systems, which are part of the Internet-based systems are standard, and virtualization technologies that have become popular only in recent years, and in DCXV we have used from the very beginning.


DCXV customers who use physical or virtual dedicated servers receive the most appropriate to their individual needs web hosting solution, as part of which it is possible to install and configure almost any software. Within the framework of customized solutions implemented hosting platform software components which are specifically tuned and optimized for a specific project or individual customer requests.

Professional team

In addition to advising clients on posting sites on the Internet, software administration and configuration DCXV professionals help clients identify and solve problems in their own program code, which is available to customers very few web hosting companies.

Summarizing, we can say that DCXV provides its customers not only excellent quality, maximum speed and reliability of the server, but also a number of unique web hosting solution and benefits that can offer only a few providers.