Web hosting service providers

Review of web hosting service providers with DCXV Company

Finding the right provider to host the site - always confusing site owners, web designers and developers. Furthermore, limitation of money assets complicates this task. When the final decision should take into account a lot of nuances, including the provider's reliability, the amount of support provided to them, the level of service department customer service and accuracy in billing, server capacity and network speed, pricing and recovery cost, and finally, the reputation of a particular provider.

To facilitate and expedite the search of web hosting service providers for you, we spent some web research, received as a result of the following list of the leading service providers for the provision of disk space on the server (hosting providers), which you might find useful.

The Planet

The Planet is a web hosting service providers global leader in IT hosting area. This provider gives you the ability to combine selectively the use of dedicated servers with the involvement of server services, managed service provider, for the most efficient operation and development of your company. This Texan provider, which considers itself as the leading provider of dedicated servers hosting services across the planet. They now serve more than 22,000 customers - small and medium-sized businesses around the world and more than 15.7 million Web sites, having at its disposal more than 48,500 servers.


SoftLayer creation in June 2005, was preceded by months of brainstorming in the development of ideas and structural schemes, as well as search for their own solutions, able to compete with the offer at that time, developments in the hosting area. SoftLayer allows each client to individually adapt the IT base and full control over the work of its constituent systems, monthly prolonging a cooperation agreement on flexible terms. Taking a course to become one of the perfect web hosting service providers, SoftLayer promises its customers the watchful care of them and provide services on the highest level.


Rackspace Managed Hosting on a plan of its founders, it has to be a new type of web hosting service providers - focused on the client, and not only on technology. Clients have achieved significant results in the development of their business, appreciate the advantages of cooperation with specialists. Their previous sad experience overall was due to the inability of the then providers to provide them with specialized services required to manage their hosting that requires a conscientious approach. Rackspace Partner Program allows you to concentrate on the essentials in the development of your business.