Web hosting reseller program in Europe

How does DCXV web hosting reseller program works?

How to use hosting and receive money from the host? Become a partner of DCXV web hosting reseller program. Bring us new clients - and you do not have to pay for hosting. What does the partnership program gives to our customers?

  • 100% of the participants of the program receive an excellent opportunity to a decent wage without any effort

  • 80% reimbursed by attracting referrals to 90% fee for hosting

  • 34% do not pay for hosting

  • 12% user gets profit at the expense of the web hosting reseller program and do not pay for hosting

  • To avoid paying for hosting, you only need to draw any means only 5 referrals!

How to become a participant in the partner program? Very simple!

The most popular way - by using referral links. How do you get the money for their participation in the web hosting reseller program? A visitor clicks on the referral link on DCXV site and recorded in the Private Cabinet. For all orders made by such customer (referral), you are entitled to a reward:

Shared Hosting (all species) - 20%;

OpenVZ VPS - 10%;

SSD VDS - 10%;

Windows VPS - 5%;

Server Rentals - 3%;

BackUp — 10%.

In the case of a large number of orders from one partner, your share is considered individually. And there is a great web hosting reseller program "Give a friend a discount." How does it work?

  • Go into your personal account.

  • You decide which part of your income to give to a friend of a partnership, employer, partner in the form of discounts. You have the power - half the income.

  • Generate code for a discount.

  • You send this code to any number of recipients.

  • As soon as the recipient of the code will use the services of DCXV (activates the code at purchase service) - on your account of web hosting reseller program you will receive the difference between the income and the amount that you have invested in the code and sent to your friends and acquaintances. If you do not know what an affiliate program to choose or you have questions on Reseller Program - ask our consultants.

To earn even more - you can use the service White Label.

In this kind of web hosting reseller program interest are assigned individual. In addition, you get a number of other preferences that are not available to participants of ordinary affiliate program. To connect the web hosting reseller program White Label, please call our sales team. Status of partner your account you can see on the page of the partner program in the web hosting control panel.