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Web hosting reseller plans are ideal for customers who want to place a large number of sites with separate management (like to host friend’s sites or clients). You can resell hosting accounts to your clients by creating a hosting company or web design studio. You determine the value of options and hosting plans for your clients, and you can create and use your own DNS so that your customers will not know that you are working as a reseller.

To place a reseller account, we use only professional servers based on Dual Quad Core Xeon CPU processors. It is also used by the most reliable and high-performance RAID-10 storage drives and hot-swappable, which ensures trouble-free operation of the system even in case of failure of one disk array raid.

Do I need to have the technical knowledge to start this type of online business?

Yes, some knowledge will be required, as will be responsible for all customer questions and provide technical support. But the good news for DCXV web hosting reseller plans is that our company can assist in this through our support, which at any moment can turn all of your customers.

Four simple steps - and you are Reseller:

Step 1: Think of a name for the company, and we will register the domain for you;

Step 2: Plan sales volume, and we will advice you DCXV web hosting reseller plans to suit all your requirements;

Step 3: Set the price, and we will arrange your billing system;

Step 4: Sell, and all matters related to hosting, we take upon ourselves, while remaining invisible to your customers, help and advice that is only to you.

Working with DCXV as a hosting reseller, you can organize your business on the local market and abroad. There are no restrictions and the enormous potential on the world stage, through access to EU datacenter. That kind of cooperation gives you access to wholesale prices. A retail price is setting by you! Adjust rates, make your system of discounts, and we will take care of technical issues. Reselling hosting - this is a great way to make money without the expense and effort.

You always can test web hosting reseller plans from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.