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Tips for Hosting choice: «pitfalls» of web hosting providers

Today there are plenty of different web hosting providers. And they atract customers who knows how Some woith quality, some with costs, others conduct various promotions and advertising campaigns. Therefore, the choice of web hosting for your site - this task is quite simple. Especially when you consider that, speaking about its merits, many try not to mention the drawbacks.

In this article we consider the basic "pitfalls" of web hosting providers that will help you make the right choice.

Problem ?1. Slow servers operation

The speed of server operation - this is one of the biggest "pitfalls" when choosing a web hosting providers. In fact, it is impossible to measure due to some specific parameters. The only thing that hosting provider can make is to provide you with information on configuration, the number and location of placement of servers. Although to be honest, and it does not give a complete picture of how the site will load quickly. It is unknown how many customers already use the services of the host and what they create traffic.

So how do you find out at which of many web hosting providers has really fast servers and a communication channel? This can only learn from other webmasters who are already using the services of this service. Walk around the forums and sites dedicated to hosting. But here we must be very careful. Baware, many of them created with the purpose of receiving commissions for bringing in new clients.

?2 problem. Support service

Do you have questions of general or technical nature? You do not know how to use a particular technology? For whatever reason, most webmasters will sooner or later have to deal with customer support of web hosting providers. And the problem can occur at any time of the day. Therefore, work around the clock customer service is one of the most important criteria for selecting a hosting provider. And it is better to see yourself that your problems are really ready to be solved at any time of the day.

To do so cantact support with a simple and obvious question, the answer to which can be found on the site, customer support, and it is desirable to do it at night. If you politely tell all, or at least give a link to a page where all the described, it means that the company really care about customers.

?3 problem. Service quality deterioration because of increasing the number of clients

This is a common trend among web hosting providers. If you decide to use the services of a small hosting provider, be prepared for the fact that, over time, increasing the number of customers, service quality can significantly worsen. The site will be getting bigger, and the traffic that they generate, also grow. All this leads to the fact that your site speed decreases. In addition, the larger the company becomes a customer, the greater the load from the technical support service. And once its experts will not have time to cope with their responsibilities, and the increase in staff and improving the equipment will not be enough money.


Before choosing web hosting providers you need to explore all of its strengths and weaknesses. Frequent shutdown of servers, low download speed, lack of support for the required technologies - all of which can adversely affect the traffic to your site. And in pursuit of saving a couple of dollars, you may get a lot of problems and spent nerves.