Web hosting domain name in Europe. How to choose?

Web hosting domain name: start your site with DCXV Company

Anyone who even just planning to create a website and locate it on Internet by hosting is interested in cheap web hosting domain name registration. What is a domain name and why to register it? The official definition is: "domain - not repeating letter identifier on the Internet, replacing the numeric address." – this is how sounds the numeric address of DCXV.com domain.

But human does not suit this method of naming sites, for several reasons: the digital sequence are not perceived either visually or aurally, stored poorly, are not associated with a particular site. Besides IPv4 address space itself has come to an end, and if for each site hosted on hosting require a separate ip address for the moment it would be impossible even to create new sites. The Domain Name System was developed for ease of reading and memorizing web hosting domain name of sites.

Domain names (except idn domains) recorded in the Latin alphabet. Register idn domain has recently become a very fashionable trend, which highlights your present, activity, and the desire to keep up with the times. In addition to the main top-level domains, the so-called Generic TLDs (from the English top-level domain), such as

.com, .org, .info, there are national (regional) domains such as .eu, .de, uk.

Lately, you can registrate domains sTLD - the so-called sponsored domains. These domains are different professional and thematic focus, and are supported for private funds for example domains .aero, .travel. Separately want to mention that DCXV is not only hosting datacenter, but also the official registrar of web hosting domain name in Europe, and we can buy cheap domain EU.

By registering a domain you get

  • Ease of Management. To work with the domain you do not need to have technical skills. It's simple as 2 + 2. Domain registration only takes a few minutes and it is immediately ready for use.

  • Four DNS server worldwide. Each contact registered domain is served by four DNS servers hosted in data centers around the world. Because of this, no matter where a visitor came, the speed of DNS response will be maximized.

  • Private parking page. To accommodate all of one page is no need to purchase hosting, buy domain is sufficient. With convenient visual editor, you can easily and quickly you arrange for your domain page visitors.

  • Place the domain where you want. Using the control panel you can easily and quickly headed domain on any server or set up call forwarding.

  • Email post at your service Each domain owner can create one for free mailbox and work with them through e-mail program or web-based interface.

You always can test web hosting domain name service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.