Web hosting dedicated IP

With web hosting dedicated IP you will have new level hosting

One of the services offered by the hosting provider, is web hosting dedicated IP. If you decided to use the services of hosting, then you may well be a legitimate question - why do I need a dedicated IP-address? It seems such a service, and is inexpensive, and also to pay for some unknown reason seems like a meanless thing. Some believe that the use of a dedicated IP-addresses affects the position in search engine queries, but in fact it is nothing to do here. Unique IP-addresses have very different advantages.

Benefits of web hosting dedicated IP

Dedicated and additional IPv4 addresses are additional factor of stability and reliability of the hosting services. There are many reasons why you may need a dedicated IP-address. For example:

Direct access: the IP-address allows you to browse the site using the IP-address of the host, or have direct access to an FTP or web browser website. DNS update: when updating DNS domain name of your site becomes unavailable for 24-48 hours. Because of this, serious problems might occur if you want to access via FTP or to view any changes. Thanks to a dedicated IP-address, you can freely upload and view the content on the site changes. You just need to enter the selected IP-address into your browser, and the site is loaded.

SSL certificates: SSL certificate requires a web hosting dedicated IP. A site that asks for personal information or payment information must be protected by SSL certificate, which for its operation requires a dedicated IP-address. Thanks to a dedicated IP-address, you can configure SSL, to guide visitors through an encrypted connection hosting. Our SSL certificates already include a dedicated IP-address, so it does not need to be purchased separately when you add a certificate to a site hosted on a shared hosting account.

DDoS protection: additional IP address will also help you in case of DDoS attacks on the site, located on your same IP. This way you can quickly change the IP address of the domain to prevent attack.

Site Statistics: Dedicated IP-address also allows detailed statistics of visits to your site. Some specific applications may also require you selected IPv4-address.

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