Web hosting companies in Europe

Learn more about offers of web hosting companies in Europe

If you decide to develope your own site, the first thing to do is buy a hosting and a domain for it. If the definition of the domain is clear, then the term "hosting" often raises questions among ordinary Internet users.

What is Internet hostingand what web hosting companies offers?

This is a kind of "parking for the site", a place on the server, where all the files of your site and all its contents will be placed. Companies that offer hosting services provide you with a place on your server where all databases can be stored safely and for a long time. In this case, depending on the requirements of your site, you are given a certain limit of disk space.

Why is it profitable to buy hosting from European web hosting companies?

In the company DCXV the most flexible and convenient hosting tariffs are presented. Moreover, you can independently calculate your version of the hosting placement, selecting the optimal amount of memory, the number of hosted sites and other parameters. Unlike many web hosting companies in EU, we are not limited to our own established tariffs.

Choose internet web hosting companies yourself! Together with the disk space you get: reliable round-the-clock technical support, uninterrupted work of your site, convenient and intuitive interface of management and statistics of site traffic.

EU web hosting companies give you the opportunity to order a stable and reliable hosting. We provide a choice of two countries hosting virtual unlimited hosting servers - Russia and the Netherlands, which allows you to place projects of almost any subject. There are also limited tariffs (low-host). On all servers of virtual php-hosting is installed the operating system CloudLinux and is available the change of PHP versions from 4.4 to 7.1! Here you can install and use any CMS - Joomla, WordPress, DLE, Drupal, OpenCart, etc. All tariffs support the installation of free SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt.

We advice You choose the one among many web hosting companies that suits Your needs.