Web dedicated hosting in Europe

Reliable web dedicated hosting from DCXV Company

Web dedicated hosting - a service which is the placement and maintenance of the Web site of the Customer on the server.Virtual web server is physically located in the clock running computer directly connected to high-speed Internet channels. Update information loading, moving, deleting of files can be carried out remotely by connecting to the Internet via a modem over a telephone line or a dedicated channel. Immediately after loading the new information is made available to all users on the web.

Lithuanian hosting provider DCXV works since 2013. During the work we have implemented a number of innovative technologies. We offer web dedicated hosting on SSD disks, virtual and dedicated servers, and is an official domain registrar.

If you need to rent a web dedicated hosting for site - DCXV would be the best choice for you. Our technical support works around the clock, we can help with any difficulties, and if necessary - will help move your site from another hosting provider.

On web dedicated hosting servers we use intelligent monitoring system, through which we can learn in advance about the possible failures in the servers. We operate your site smoothly and we are always available.

The unique architecture of the servers in DCXV, together with branded accessories allow you to provide high-quality, low-cost and cheap web dedicated hosting. To ensure high quality - you can order hosting with a test period of 10 days in Lithuania. We have developed our own service control panel, thus improving the user experience with hosting both the novice and professional web developers and studios.

Advantages of web dedicated hosting

  • Control panel of its own design + ISPManager

  • The brand equipment Intel, Supermicro, Dell, HP, CISCO and others.

  • Daily backups

  • Free transfer sites from other hosting providers

  • The advanced system of anti-virus protection sites

  • Free SSL Certificate - each hosting

  • Hosting with a test period of 10 days

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of web dedicated hosting and other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.