Virtual dedicated servers hosting

Virtual dedicated server hosting in Europe by DCXV Company


Features of the virtual dedicated servers hosting use

Virtual dedicated servers appeared at most with the help of advanced virtualization technology developed in 2000s. They provide developers and administrators more options to configure their web services, and the cost of virtual dedicated servers hosting services is significantly lower than the use of dedicated classical server. What are the advantages and features of the use of VDS?


Create your own VDS versions and system libraries

Virtual dedicated servers in its capabilities are comparable to classic dedicated servers, with the only difference being that the customer places his projects on "common" server. Sharing of resources - it is cheap, but the renters of virtual server may run into a problem when the "neighboring" products overload the server, which leads to problems when interacting with software and operating systems.

VDS allows you to ensure you receive the allocated resources (memory, performance, storage). In addition, the customer of virtual dedicated servers hosting provider is not limited to making changes to the OS core, can install additional software, make it fine-tuning. The administrator can create, copy, and delete any files, including system. It is impossible in classical virtual servers because the Admin does not provide access to them. On the one hand, it prevents the "fall" of the server when unqualified interference in his work, on the other hand - significantly limits the efficiency of the web service.


What virtual dedicated server hosting to choose?

Hosters often offer several tariff plans to their customers, which are determined depending on the use of resources, as well as the choice of pre-installed operating systems (CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD).

The developer selects the most suitable platform on the basis of compatibility with the future of WEB-service. VDS hosting - this is the choice of professionals and those who exercise their projects run in test mode, but does not have sufficient funding to lease or purchase a dedicated server.

The more powerful will be the VPS, the higher the tariff, but the cost of the service is used for the payment of host virtualization technology. It is thought that the XEN and KVM virtualization is the most efficient and productive, but the hosting cost will be higher.


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