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VPS servers administration: virtualization techniques

Today, the rental market of managed VPS hosting is one of the fastest growing areas. Nowadays, hundreds of companies are offering professional support and administration of VPS servers with any hardware and software configurations, price category and the level of performance. Due to the high availability now most of these projects have been implemented on a UNIX-based, which include well-proven software platform on FreeBSD and various Linux distributions.

By itself, VPS is a mini-server, created with the help of special software and virtualization technology. Compared with standard physical hosting, managed VPS hosting is characterized by large production capacity, which is limited to the configuration and capabilities of the hardware filling. In addition, a virtual dedicated platform is solely under the control of its immediate owner, which is a huge plus.


Virtualization techniques for web project management

Today virtualization principle for subsequent administration of web sites is implemented in two main ways: by providing a host operating system, running on a normal physical server, and so-called guest software platform, the installation of which is carried out only in a virtual environment. Functionality, as well as stability and reliability of managed VPS hosting are determined directly by the initial basic system settings and adding the necessary software components, and depending on the type of virtualization technology.

The most popular and demanded is distributed free OpenVZ and its commercial embodiment of Virtuozzo, running on Linux that are easy to install and intuitive tuning parameters. Virtualization herein may be implemented as a kernel level of the system, and on the basis of the hypervisor. In the first case, server operating system creating one or more virtual machines, depending on the project size.

They are represented as separate cells pooled by resources. Each structure takes its own system process. Software communication between the cells is carried out using the appropriate operating system modules. At the hypervisor-based virtualization uses specific integrated motherboard or software environment, this is installed on the host computer and is responsible for the construction, launch and operation of isolated virtual machines. Through hardware virtualization hypervisor forms a special environment, which is a complete analogue of the physical server.


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