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Hosting Market: time for changing

It has become a trend to attach the word "cloud" to everything that data centers provide. But web hosting cheap is the service which now account a third of the cloud services market once it began to form. Moreover, the web hosting cheap service has always been the base for any company in the world which began its acquaintance with cloud technologies.

Services have evolved, market trends have changed, the number of worldwide web sites grew to 750 million (and 500 thousand of them were literally in the last year), volume of workloads that is generated by small and large hosters has become prevalent in the data center. But the behavior of the traditional web hosting companies in the market has changed a little.

Global trends

Now there are two main trends that can be dangerous for them – in case that they will not change their marketing strategy.

Firstly, web infrastructure market share declining from traditional providers and is growing rapidly for non-traditional and new market players. Take a look at Amazon Web Services, Linode or Digital Ocean companies that do not focus on web administrators but on web designers, web developers and digital-agency. This trio four years ago launched with the fact that took only 5% of all the new web services. Last year, they had already 31%.

The second trend - the target audience in a web hosting has changed: the focus shifts from the wide profile to specialized users. Research the results of search query of different terms in Google hosting Trends. Number of once popular “web hosting” queries “hosting for e-commerce”, “dedicated server” and “hosting the PHP” has fallen sharply over the last 5-10 years. Whereas queries “hosting WordPress”, “Shopify”, “Linode”, “web application hosting” over the same period soared.

DCXV is changing

We have studied the user's own product for the web hosting cheap and there is the same trend: the number of users in the "web professionals" category has increased dramatically, "web hosting companies" - reduced, "web administrator" remains at the same low level.

In DCXV we have quickly respond to emerging trends - for example, we have decided to completely restructure our control panel for hosting. The new version is already built around four specific audience segments.

  • This are web administrators (who work for a company or client) and individual users that own site as hobby.

  • The second group is the developers of web applications and online games that need a separate hosting and are often deploy a single application on a single web server.

  • The third - web professionals (web designers, web developers, digital is-agency) and the traditional providers of shared hosting. Usually, they work with websites and programs that they develop themselves and hosts for their customers.

  • Finally, the last audience - companies that offer multi-user accounts with the ability to install any software and organize virtual web hosting cheap which supports an unlimited number of domains.