Hosting of VPS SSD servers hosting in Europe

Hosting of VPS SSD servers in Europe from DCXV Company

Now with the SSD our virtual servers provide developers, designers and site owners with a large attendance, more speed and stability for the successful launch of their Web sites and applications.

What is the difference between VPS Hybrid and VPS SSD?

H-VPS is VPS server with a hybrid storage. They use SSD + HDD drives combining technology based on Btier software. This software allows you to create multi-level block devices from several different types of disks, which helps to get high-speed access to data through the use of the cache on the SSD-drives. Frequently used data will be processed on fast SSD-drives, and infrequently used- will be stored on the slower HDD-drives.

VPS with SSD are built on the basis of only the SSD-drives, which provides the highest speed of the disk read and recording operations. The speed of sequential reading and writing is 6-10 times higher than that of usual drives and random access - in 50-200 times higher. VPS SSD is well suited for database servers with high load and other applications demanding speed, especially for hosting online stores.

Reasons to buy VPS SSD?

  • Maximum capacity of your websites and applications.

  • No restrictions on disk system load in contrast to the SATA / SAS

  • Ideal for high-loaded database servers and other applications demanding speed of the disk system, especially for hosting online stores

  • Web-based interface for working with mailboxes

  • Automatic filtering of spam and viruses

  • Backup your data. You can not worry about the safety of their data. Every day, after midnight they made up. On any given day you have access to backup files for any of the previous 7 days

  • Unlimited free traffic without downs; port speed 100 Mbps;

Rental VPS SSD from DCXV Company - is the best choice in terms of price-quality-reliability. Our clients receive 100% guaranteed resources without overselling on the KVM virtualization, full root-access, free administration, as well as our range of free services. You always can test any VPS SSD service for your site or project from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.