VPS server rental hosting solution

New VPS server rental hosting solution from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

VPS is a virtual dedicated server that unlike virtual hosting provides the ability to independently administer the OS, install software based on the needs of your applications, and rent for their work the necessary amount of server resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) with the possibility of further increase. By purchasing virtual services you will receive all the main advantages of a physical server for a lower price.

With VPS server rental hosting from DCXV on the basis of the Hyper-V platform you will get the amount of resources of a full-fledged physical server and unlimited possibilities to configure the server for any number of sites or other projects that will be located in an independent virtual environment. VPS will allow you to implement any project: from a complex site to a full-fledged remote workplace.

DCXV is your guaranteed power and reliability

VPS hosting has a number of advantages over virtual hosting - a virtual dedicated server will provide you with powerful resources that you do not have to share with other users whose virtual sites are hosted on the same server as yours.

Virtual VPS server supports the installation of various operating systems: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Windows Server, BitrixVM and others. To get acquainted with the detailed list of OC and their suitable versions you can always on the corresponding page of our website. VPS server rental hosting is carried out at several tariffs, each of which includes 4 dedicated IP-addresses and unlimited traffic. VPS hosting will provide your personal and business projects with reliable support, which will allow you to expand the audience of your sites due to their smooth operation.

VPS server rental hosting is attractive due to following advantages:
- possibility of remote reboot;
- high reliability and safety of information storage;
- absolute control over processes and files