VPS server rental in Europe

Choose VPS server rental instead of dedicated! DCXV (Xivicom) offers server rental in Europe

Each company, sooner or later, wonders where to keep its data. Information is the greatest value of the modern world, and every business needs a safe place to store it. Companies and users trust computer technology for everything they do, so choosing the right and reliable place to host services and store data is a necessity of nowdays.

In addition, programs and various web applications become more complex, which means you need more computing resources. Software products dictate their conditions for hosting quality, the inherent attributes of server`s rental have became: availability, security, scalability. Today, users can choose several options for web hosting, for example, virtual, dedicated, VPS, cloud and cloud-based VPS. In this article, we'll compare the VPS server rental and dedicated server to help our customers make the right choice that meets their expectations.

VPS server rental for online business

If you run an online business or your site has an impressive number of daily visitors, inappropriate hosting will slow down your web resource and reduce its performance. Because of the loss of customers, the business can give up positions and let the competitors go ahead. To avoid this, you need to use a serious resource, for life support and the normal operation of your applications.

Comparing the virtual and dedicated server, we can distinguish the main advantages of the first:

  1. Pay only for the amount of resources that are used

  2. Flexibility (you can opt out of the part or select additional resources at any time).

  3. Ease of implementation (you do not need to buy and install equipment, you can deploy in a few minutes).

Cloud VPS is a reasonable and economically feasible option for almost any company. In practice, such technologies have already proved effective in the case of large concerns, and with small private organizations. Gen in touch with our sales deprtment in order to discuss VPS server rental.