VPS server order in Europe?

If you need VPS server order — choose DCXV (Xivicom)

By VPS server order from a DCXV hosting provider, you will receive all the privileges and capabilities of a physical server. You can easily work with all the files on the server, install applications and perform other operations without problems. And most importantly, you as an administrator-user have no restrictions on the number of hosted sites, databases, domain zones, ssh-ftp-email users.

Many "young" administrators are frightened by the relatively high cost of renting a virtual dedicated server (VPS). However, most hosting providers, the price is justified, because VPS has the capabilities that are very important for the stability and security of sites.

A big advantage of VPS server order is the possibility of backup (backup) VPS backup of the entire system and if you need to quickly raise the project from backup, without spending effort on the new configuration of the operating system.

Who is interested in VPS server order?

To be the administrator of a virtual dedicated server, you need to have basic knowledge or order a VPS control panel in the hosting provider.

VPS server order is ideal for sites that are "grown" and exceed the possibilities of normal hosting. In addition, the VPS server needs sites with a high load on the server hosting provider, as well as for the design and development of software.

Each VPS / VDS hosting plan includes:

  • Unlimited number of domain names / virtual hosts

  • Guaranteed RAM and CPU time

  • Unlimited root access

  • Totally unlimited traffic

  • Uninterrupted power supply

  • High-speed communication lines

Free control and control over your VDS / VPS

From a personal cabinet, you can fully manage your VDS / VPS with VMmanager, using a secure connection. And perform such actions as rebooting the server, reinstalling the operating system, changing data for access, monitoring the load, creating snapshots. Moreover, free of charge, upon request we will be able to install the VestaCP panel on your server. Also, we provide free access to DNS managers.

If you looking for VPS server order in Europe, then DCXV can help you with this.