VPS server Netherlands

Get VPS server Netherlands at favorable price from DCXV Company

Virtual server (main server virtualization - KVM) is the lease of vds servers for those who need a stable and loyal server location in the European Union, as well as for those whose projects or sites are targeted at the countries of the European Union, the Russian Federation and Ukraine or Belarus. Suitable for almost all types of sites, you even can place your site with movies or themes "for adults". Strictly do not allow the sending of spam, the placement of software aimed at hacking, fishing, etc. All virtual servers in Holland on ultra-fast disks SSD in raid 10 - which provides not only high performance, but also maximum reliability. In the event of a breakdown, we are most likely to recover all of your data. Servers from DCXV will be quick installed and with quite low fees.

Why do I need rent VPS server Netherlands?

Excellent ping with the countries of Europe, Asia and America

The server located in Holland, will provide high-quality, high-speed and uninterrupted connection of your foreign clients with the portal, and the stable economy and political situation of these countries will be an additional advantage for you and your customers.

For example, virtual server are often leased by Russian traders, who also work for foreign clients. This is due to the fact that the sites on which currency transactions are made should be available constantly from anywhere in the world.

High speed, fault tolerance and quality of Internet access

Netherlands is one of the leading countries in terms of speed and quality of Internet access. Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is the world's largest traffic exchange point.

VPS server Netherlands - is the safety and confidentiality of information

Many of our clients host servers in the Netherlands, because the legislation of these countries provides more opportunities for the development of private business than the Russian one. The liberal legislation of the Netherlands guarantees the safety and confidentiality of the information placed, its inaccessibility to the controlling bodies of other states, and the protection of the client's interests.