VPS server in Europe

Get VPS server in Europe from DCXV (Xivicom) company

Renting a server is a kind of hosting: the user gets under his control a server, usually dedicated, but you can rent and a virtual server. What is the difference between these types of equipment and rental services? Rental of an European server - the most budget option. The virtual machine, which is a virtual server, runs on a physical server. Thus, when leasing a virtual server, the user gets at his disposal a virtual machine with a fixed number of computing resources, as well as his own copy of the OS.

DCXV provides high-quality and low-cost rental of virtually dedicated servers (VPS). Our solution is based on the quality virtualization KVM - this virtualization fully guarantees you the allocated resources for the VPS server. It is worth noting that our VPS are located in reliable data centers in Europe, which will ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of your resource.

Advantages of European hosting

Our company provides high-quality and fast technical support to its customers. Due to the low price, we limited the work time of our specialists, but it is enough to solve standard problems. If you need professional maintenance of any server then you can always order server external administration.

The undisputed advantages of the VPS server in Europe are rationality and profitability:

  • There is no need to spend significant financial resources to buy your own equipment;

  • There are no expenses for renting or purchasing a special premises for servers;

  • There is no need to hire a system administrator;

  • When the goals and objectives are realized, the lease can simply be stopped.

VPS server in Europe on SSD or HDD

Solid state drives SSD have a higher performance than traditional HDDs. Therefore, if your project includes many I / O operations, such as database servers, you need to select the SSD for your VPS. If you need more storage space, then the best choice is HDD for your VPS.

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