VPS server cheaply in Europe?

Lease VPS server cheaply insead of shared hosting in Europe in DCXV (Xivicom) data center

The quality and perfomance of work even of VPS server cheaply is much better than usual hosting, it is sometimes also called shared or virtual. In its traditional version on the server, resources are distributed among all webmasters - site owners. The amount of memory used and other parameters will ultimately depend on the cost of the service. Thus, in the case of VPS server cheaply, customers do not have to share available resources on the server. Also they do not need to completely buy out the server (dedicated). This option is expensive and can only be used for high-load projects.

If you need extreme autonomy and stability, as well as constant access to the maximum resources of your server - XEN hosting virtualization for you. In order to ensure the smooth operation of your XEN VPS server cheaply, in addition to the guaranteed amount of RAM on all servers, a swap file is provided, which is usually set to 2xWAR. The minimum memory of the 4Gb disk is usually enough to accommodate several sites, but at the request of the client, you can increase the parameters of the VPS server.

VPS server cheaply rental: advantages

  • The presence of full root access, through which the owner has the right to make meaningful changes to the settings of the site;

  • Own IP address;

  • Ability to manage the content of files;

  • Ability set up own configuration, even during system failures and technical problems;

  • We provide full technical support and qualification assistance on all emerging issues.

As for management, the operating system for the VPS server cheaply will fully correspond to the dedicated physical server. This includes own IP addresses, root access, filter rules, ports and routing tables. The virtualization technology can provide the most optimal performance, scalability and ease of management suitable for each specific case.

If you looking for VPS server cheaply lease in Europe, then DCXV can help you with this.