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Get VPS server cheap in Europe with DCXV Company

Cloud VPS Hosting

Now with the SSD, our VPS server cheap solutions provide developers, designers and site owners with a large attendance, more speed and stability for the successful launch of their Web sites and applications. Cloud VPS server cheap is fully customizable, its resources can be increased at any time, with the growth of your project. Full root access provides the control, as well as the ability to install any software on your VDS hosting.

If your site has a lot of traffic, you are a developer, create complex applications requiring large resources and scalability, or a designer to create a website for their customers, VPS hosting is exactly what you need!

Reliability and safety is most important. How we provide it?

Cloud storage system is based on the principle of the N + 1, that is, if you disable any of the nodes, VPS server cheap will continue to work normally. Disks in the storage combined in RAID10, ensuring trouble-free operation even in case of failure of two disks.

Our fastest VPS hosting stores information entirely on SSD drives. This ensures maximum speed and virtual server applications on it. To ensure the safety of the information, on a daily basis we are creating a backup of a dedicated server VPS / VDS client and have it to the backup location.

Advantages of VPS server cheap

  • Easy VPS Control Panel server;

  • Instant activation ordered VPS server;

  • Unlimited traffic;

  • A full root-access to the management server at SSH;

  • The possibility to configure any system and applications (except for the kernel);

  • The ability to install your version of system libraries or modify existing ones;

  • Dedicated IP-address, the ability to manage the ports, filters and routing rules;

  • Operational increasing productivity and VPS server resources (extra charge, on request);

  • Round the clock technical support at the level of queries in the ticket system from the Web site.

Installing the server in one click

Choose your favorite operating system among the proposals and start the installation. OS will be installed on a VPS server cheap within minutes. You can also choose to install the operating system from the control panel ISPmanager Lite or not. You can immediately install on VPS server: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Exim, Mod_perl, Mod_ssl, PhpMyAdmin, ProFTPd, Awstat, DNS bind server.

If you can not find the desired OS offered by us it is no problem. By connecting a virtual CD-drive, you can get access to our repository and install a different operating system from the list. Just like that, a minute later VPS server cheap is ready to host sites!