VPS server administration in Europe

How VPS server administration can be useful for your project?

VPS is not a hosting, it is a full-fledged virtual server and you are responsible for it: configure, install software, etc. What if your knowledge is not enough to service VPS? Especially for site owners who switch to VPS and do not know what to do with them we have developed a service - VPS server administration.

Who may be interested in services from DCXV?

Web studios

Have you just started working on web design and creating websites or do you already have dozens of clients? Nevertheless, the creation of sites is your profile, what you can do professionally and we will administrate your sites.

Online shopping

You already have an online store with lots of customers or you just decided to start a business online, in any case an online store should always work 24 hours 7 days a week. After all, the down of online store leads to loss of customers, which means loss of profits.

Any campaigns and organizations

We provide a set of services that can be used to organize the work of the office: corporate mail, sharing documents, ip telephony, access control, Internet gateways and much more.

What is included in the services?

Customization. Having bought VPS, you get a virtual server with the installed OS and everything. There is no web-server, no ftp, no mail, nor the usual control panel as on hosting. Ordering the service from us, we will install all the necessary software for the site.

Transfer. After configuring the software, we will transfer your sites to the virtual server VPS.

Optimization. Based on the work of your sites, we will fine-tune the server for the best work of your sites.

Administering the VPS. In addition to the initial configuration, the VPS server requires attention. Regular updating of the OS, scanning for viruses, protection against attacks. All this can also be obtained when ordering VPS server administration services.

Monitoring. Your server will be regularly checked for availability and status of services and resources, availability of free space, etc.

Additional software. A virtual server can be used not only to host a site, but also many other functions: redmine, file server, mail server, etc. We can install and configure additional software.