Get VPS reseller offers unique VPS reseller

DCXV offers unique VPS reseller plans for new partners

DCXV offers a way to make you richer and more successful thanks to joint work in reselling program. We offer our customers only the favorable and fair terms of VPS reseller cooperation, namely, we provide work on the classical scheme «White Label» terms. It implies discount on the entire line of servers and reselling them under any trademark of the next link. We will contact only with the buyer of our products, which becomes our complete hosting partner, and do not “get in touch” with his clients. Thus, the customer is guaranteed the successful work in the status of resellers. The status is assigned almost instantly. Since we do not have to buy hardware and configure the server, all immediately after the registration of the transaction is ready for resale. To get VPS reseller started after registration, make a request to the sales department with the address of the finished site.

The reselling program works as follows:

1. You receive orders from their customers

2. You buy DCXV VPS reseller server with a discount

3. You sell a server with margin to your client

4. You get the profit from orders every month

How DCXV helps resellers to grow and get income

We do not set the framework for the resale price of our services. Hosting provider has the right to set the value based on a simple formula: margin + discount from DCXV = profit. It can be obtained after the first order. No need to think about the payback period, additional costs and other difficulties - company actions are simple and transparent. The company DCXV is interested in earning, but it is possible only when VPS reseller receives income. For this reason our experts inviting to participate in the program partners who are willing to resell the services in large volumes to third parties. For this DCXV puts minimum requirements for VPS reseller - compliance with one of the conditions: the existence of the hosting provider website with existing experience in providing services and customer base; availability of relevant web studio, which specializes not only in the creation of resources, but also their web placement. Terms of cooperation governed by the rules, to familiarize with which it is necessary before the start of the joint operation.

Each tariff plan for reselling includes two control panels: WHM and cPanel. You also will be provided with WebHostManager control panel (WHM). With it you can easily create and manage all the accounts of their customers, to add / delete sites on the server, enable / disable customer sites, provide the selected characteristics of individual customers, manage disk space, databases and more.

On DCXV site you can always find out the list of VPS reseller solutions and other hosting plans as well as to order one that will satisfy your needs.