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High-quality virtual server in Germany

If we talk about the hosting providers services that support SSD virtualization technology, the most stable and reliable virtual servers are located in Germany or are beginning. It was the German data centers are among the first in the world have started to actively implement technology of physical resource allocation between virtual users.

VPS in Germany may have a direct connection along the lines of MSK-IX and UA-IX. This significantly increases the speed of data exchange, as well as improving the interaction with the operating system and software that are installed on dedicated servers or conventional.

Also, the German hosting services generally provide support for PHP and a mySQL, and other popular means of supporting the work of a web service. Reliable hosting companies like DCXV offer a free trial period (from 5 days to a month), during which time you will be able to test the quality of services available to the admin panel to check the technical support response time.

Hosters provide VPS in Germany with:

* Round the clock support to its customers;

* Multi-language for technical support;

* Multiple communication channels for customers and the technical department.

If you have problems with CMS starts, virtual server setup in Germany, or installing the software, you can quickly get the answers.

What doesVPS in Germany user get?

* Hour free administration of its Web services program basic level;

* A quick (and often free) transfer sites "turnkey" hoster;

* Convenient admin panel, which is adapted to the requirements of experienced administrators and beginners;

* Easily create back-up copies of your site;

* Unlimited support for any number of sites.

Who is better to choose a virtual server in Germany?

German data centers have the best value for money. That is why their services most often used:

* The owners of the major portals, corporate resources;

* The owners of social networks;

If we talk about VDS servers, for the German data centers fit projects that use a powerful third-party software, such for example as Django, Python and the Java, which is important for a high response speed and stable operation.