VPS hosting in Europe

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What you need to know about virtual server

So it is obvious that you need to rent a European server. Consider what can there be options and what are the pitfalls you may come using VPS hosting Europe.

Issues related to equipment

The equipment tends to wear out. Most modern hard drives, for example, begins to behave erratically after two years. And if there were errors, the disc does not cease to work, and marks the problematic disk space and avoids his side. It looks good, but in practice it is not so smooth, and can lead to loss of data or, if applied mirroring technology, to a temporary server stops working.

To avoid such problems, DCXV decided to set the disks in pairs for VPS hosting Europe. And backup data on both disks (called mirroring or raid-1). But this technique works reliably, if only competent sysadmin is looking after mashines.

Virtual server technology

VPS technology of the first generation (virtuozoo, virtuozoo for windows, openvz, virtual server, etc.) were only a more advanced version of conventional SHARED hosting (as root) than a full dedicated server. You may have already had to deal with such VPS and encountered problems.

New VPS on XEN technology can really get a true dedicated server, not just imitation. This server is dedicated to him, a real piece of physical memory of the physical hard disk and CPU. There are no limits on the number of different resources. There are no restrictions beyond those that have a conventional computer.

Advantages of VPS hosting Europe

  • You must not worry about the problems with the equipment, it will be engaged in a hosting provider.

  • We will monitor the reliability of disks in the mirror, just to change them, etc.

  • A good hosting company offers VPS hosting Europe with at least minimal support, which means the client will not be left alone with the problems in the case of not served by a dedicated server.

  • You can choose the desired power of the virtual server and not have to pay for unnecessary excess. Modern servers are so powerful that take under its project entirely good physical server really easy.

  1. Virtual server easily restarted remotely from the control panel of the host. With conventional dedicated servers provide such a service, not all hosters.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting Europe

  • We can name perhaps only one: if you need a very powerful server, which is comparable to the physical server used by the hosting company, the virtual server price will be higher. It is in this case, it may make sense to go to a physical dedicated server. But do not forget to take care of the maintenance of the equipment.

This article is based on years of experience of the DCXVcompany in providing VPS hosting Europe services as well as the usual virtual hosting services Try the new generation of VPS in action you can on our servers. You can use weekly test / demo VPS.