VPS hosting in Europe

All you need to know about VPS hosting in Europe

Today, one of the most popular types of web hosting is still shared-hosting (or virtual hosting). However, not far from it is a virtual server (VPS hosting), which continues to occupy the leading position in the hosting market. So what is VPS hosting and why it is popular among users?

So, the VPS hosting which, thanks to virtualization technology, is divided into separate virtual servers running completely independently of each other. Strictly speaking, VPS - it is something between a virtual hosting and dedicated server, so to speak the golden mean.

Unlike shared hosting, virtual private server - this is a completely separate server that runs within a single physical machine. Each VPS has its own system resources, which will not be shared between the other VPS servers. Such VPS hosting on one physical server can be several, all servers will work independently.

Now let's discuss what are the pros and cons of VPS hosting? What are its strengths and what weaknesses?

If we talk about the pros, then, firstly, it is guaranteed resources. With VPS hosting service at your disposal, you will get a guaranteed quota system resources (RAM, hard disk, CPU power). All of this will be allocated according to the selected tariff plan. Thus, the work of your applications will not depend on other clients.

Secondly, if there will be a load on one of the virtual servers close to your own, then your VPS work will not have any affect, that is, performance is guaranteed.

Third is price. VPS hosting price is less than the rent or purchase of its own physical machine. At the same time, with this service, you get a virtual server, which is very similar to the characteristics highlighted. And in addition, server maintenance relies on the hosting provider.

As for minuses of VPS hosting, most likely, it will be administration skills. In other words, to administer the virtual server you will need certain skills and knowledge, as well, or will need to find someone who will do it for a fee. In addition, less is the lack of access to certain hardware features. This nuance may well cause inconvenience in solving certain problems.

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