Choose VPS hosting services Windows server in Europe

When it is time to choose VPS hosting services?

VPS hosting - this is the absence of any restrictions on the number of hosted websites and databases. We recommend to rent the VPS so that it can provide a stable number of daily visits. With modern software that caters sites work, you can simply do not have enough opportunities to regular hosting sites. At the same time, the server rent - is not only expensive, but in most cases not appropriate. That is why DCXV offers the owners of large, dynamic sites to use VPS hosting services.

When it is time to order VPS hosting:

1. If you need a stable and fast work site with a guarantee of performance and speed

2. If your site has a high traffic (1,000 unique hosts per day)

3. If your site is designed with Bitrix CMS or Drupal (CMS these require significant server resources)

4. If you have a site in which more than 1000 pages (indexed so many pages of search engines have only will cause the load not counting more visitors)

5. For the site work it requires custom configuration or program

6. If you need a high level of security of the file system, mail services

7. If you want a separate one or more ip addresses. (Single ip address has a positive impact on the promotion of a site on the Internet)

8. If you have multiple sites that can be transferred to a server for convenience and economy.

The edge of VPS hosting

The time of shared hosting has already held, as well as the time of business card sites. Common shared hosting will not initially meet the performance requirements. If you exceed the threshold of 5% of the load in any hosting provider will offer you to use to the VPS server.

VPS hosting advantages:

1. Use a separate file system, which remains inaccessible to other VPS.

2. Ability to adjust any settings and install the software.

3. The ability to modify system files.

4. Having a separate IP-address, routing tables, and DNS.

5. No restriction on the number of hosted resources.

6. Safety: VPS information base is closed from access for other users on the server.

When compared with shared VPS hosting is much more powerful and more stable. All hosting providers put a limit the total CPU load of not more than 3-5%, and the speed of your site depends on other resources on the server.

On DCXV site you can always find the VPS hosting solutions and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.