VPS hosting in Germany

Why VPS Germany is becoming more popular

Typically, European hosting can be described as a reliable and high quality service.
VPS Germany is thoroughly tested, and use the latest technology that makes it really modern. Hosting companies in Europe offer a wide range of tariff plans, depending on the client's requests.

Prices of VPS Germany is usually determined by such criteria:
- Number of web-projects, which are located on one account;
- Disk quota (disk space allocated for the accommodation of web resources);
- The period for which you purchase hosting.

Most hosting providers in European countries, the practice of providing users of the test period. The way how it will be tested the decision to purchase hosting depends. Most providers offer hosting with uptime, equal to 99.9%. This ensures no interruption in the work of web-resources and high download speed. For VPS Germany solutions we use Uninterruptible Power Supply, carried out round the clock monitoring.

Affordable VPS Germany

DCXV Company gives you an opportunity to get a German hosting at the best prices. Think about it: Cooperation with us - it's not just the oportunity to cut costs and quality assurance, but also:

Germans are famous for their ability to maintain the stability of the whole, be it the development of the automobile industry or the support of a data center.

In Germany, the risk of seizure and other troubles with the law are reduced to zero, so that we do not concern about tomorrow.

In a country where is a normal political situation, doing business is much easier. So obviously you do not have to worry about the fate of the servers.
What distinguishes VPS Germany hosting from foreign domestic counterparts? Of course, the width of channels and networks.

Since all advanced technologies primarily appear in European countries, customers of DCXV provider automatically become the first to come into contact with the innovations in the world of hosting.

We want our customers to understand that DCXV offers VPS Germany on own servers. We are not engaged in the resale of services. We give you direct access to the European data center. In fact, you get a foreign hosting with multi-language support. Our support works 24/7 with customers and ensures prompt assistance in solving any problems. We are monitoring server to create the most secure environment for your sites, maintain high uptime (99.95%), offer unlimited traffic and more.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of VPS Germany and other services as well as to order one that will suit your needs.