New VPS Deutschland solution in Europe

New VPS Deutschland solution fron DCXV (Xivicom)

What is the difference of VPS Deutschland from the usual virtual hosting? Primarily VPS ensures availability of resources for all sites mounted thereon. VPS servers based on KVM hypervisor provides a guaranteed allocation of resources to maximize the speed of your site at any given time. VPS Deutschland in Europe from DCXV is the best solution if you have not yet matured to a physical dedicated server, but have already outgrown the simple shared hosting for more than a modest fee.

Renting VPS Deutschland, you can do almost everything on it is the same as when renting a physical dedicated server, with one important exception - you can not change the core of the operating system and its settings. On the other side the virtual server rental requires significantly less than the cost of its maintenance. You get a server with pre-installed basic software and a control panel with the web interface through which you can make most of the necessary adjustments. On servers with FreeBSD also automatically updated core software. We recommend you to rent virtual servers primarily for those who need to concentrate on work with their sites, rather than systemic administration server.

Shared Web Hosting - pricing and characteristics

The incentive to rent a VPS Deutschland can be, for example, that its functionality is not inferior to the usual at a lower price. What allows us to provide VPS cheap? Reducing labor costs and ease of management, there is no need for a big time, and remote administration.

Therefore, more and more owners of virtual resources and projects decide to use VPS. This is understandable - the teeth on edge slogan about "the lack of differences for which it is not necessary to pay more" in this case is fully justified.

Quick restart, minimal resources, the possibility of obtaining multiple IP-addresses - that's what makes VPS Deutschland hosting is particularly attractive. Of course, should be warned about some features. To work with such a web hosting you need to possess a certain set of knowledge or to go a little training. But all this is so simple that it takes quite a bit of time, especially since you will always help our specialists.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of VPS Deutschland and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.