VPS Deutschland

DCXV offers VPS Deutschland solutions

DCXV Company proposes to use the VPS Deutschland with high power processors, deployed on the territory of Germany. Guaranteed exposure of medium and small loads through the use of Intel Xeon capacity to distinguish good performance. The network is based on multi-gigabyte channels, preventing excessive filling of data bandwidth.

The technical capabilities of the VPS Deutschland

The advantages of the German virtual servers are obvious:

• VPS backup architecture with the option of full dubbing;

• guarantee performance of the system in case of breakage of the individual components;

• high speed provided by SAS drives with SSD caching type.

User`s the opportunity was expanded due to virtualization on KVM technology and accessibility to reinstall your operating system at a convenient time.

Users benefits:Regardless of the fare each VPS Deutschland client will have access to the personal server control panel. Thaks to the following options:

• OS installation iby your choice;

• access to view the current load;

• self restart of VPS Deutschland server.

Changing the VPS Deutschland configuration and transfer sites from other hostings

The user will get a chance to create a server with a unique configuration, adding the amount of RAM, increasing the capacity of the hard drive and the number of active IP-address. Changes can be made after consultation with the company's administration. If your project is inadvertently placed on a less favorable hosting, our experts will quickly transfer your web site to VPS Deutschland.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of VPS Deutschland and other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.