VPS dedicated server in Europe from DCXV

Rental of VPS dedicated server in Europe

VPS dedicated server - the perfect solution for demanding web projects that require specific software and additional services that are hosted on a standard are not available. In addition, VPS fully self-contained, that is, its performance depends on the owner of root-access. Attractive prices and freedom of administrator actions - that's what makes the virtual machines so popular in the market of IT-services.

Rental of VPS dedicated server gives its owner the great opportunities. If you are not an expert in the web administration - panel ISPManager Lite (set free) will provide you with VPS control without additional knowledge of the server software. At its VPS using the panel, you can: create hosting accounts, to get users to allocate a place to create mailboxes, the FTP-accounts, etc…

With VPS dedicated server you will get following services:

  • Full ROOT acces

  • Virtualization system XEN, KVM

  • The brand equipment Intel, Supermicro, Dell, HP, CISCO and others.

  • Place in the backups on a separate server

  • ISPManager Lite free

  • Testing VDS for 5 days

  • Free basic support for virtual server

  • You install the appropriate software

  • Pay administration of your VPS-server

It is important not to confuse!
Virtualization may be different - the container (the most popular system is the OpenVZ) and complete (the XEN systems and KVM, for example). The proposed market VPS hypervisor OpenVZ are cheaper, but they do not guarantee that resources are allocated only paid by you. What we offer - it is absolutely independent of each other part of the physical server. Your disk space and memory will not be used by anyone else, so your life will not suffer from the congestion "neighbor." You get root access and access via SSH.

Assurance of VPS dedicated server reliability
We provide a level of reliability not less than 99.9%. Our SLA (about the service agreement) provides for our financial responsibility for the continuity of services: in the case of service interruption for more than 15 minutes, we do not take with you the subscription fee for the current day.

Taking a VPS dedicated server for rent you can do almost everything on it is the same as when renting a physical dedicated server, with one important exception - you can not change the core of the operating system and its settings. On the other side of the virtual server rental requires significantly less than the cost of its maintenance. You get a server with pre-installed basic software and a control panel with the web interface through which you can make most of the necessary adjustments. On servers with FreeBSD also automatically updated core software. We recommend you rent virtual servers primarily for those who need to concentrate on work with their sites, rather than systemic administration server.