VPS cheap hosting

VPS cheap hosting in Europe from DCXV Company

Virtual Privat Server, abbreviated as VPS - type of hosting, which combines the ease of use of a simple shared hosting and dedicated server options. So VPS cheap hosting — provides virtual server copy of which has its own operating system with individual settings. Thus on a single physical server can be several hundreds of virtual machines that work independently.

The client receives the administrator access (root) to your virtual server, and complete freedom of action in its use. Initially VPS cheap hosting has the primary setting to run the average site, and owners can continue to edit it, delete, or install the required software and applications. To do this, the client will be provided with convenient control panel with an intuitive interface. Plus, VPS has a dedicated IP-addresses, ports, routing tables, which are included in cost of services.

The advantages of VPS cheap hosting

Root access

It gives to owner and administrator rights, you can manually change the virtual server configuration to the needs of your project. It is very important for sites with has non-standard requirements of the software.


Your VPS is running KVM hardware virtualization and has a separate operating system. You can not worry about that systemic problems or attacks on server neighbors can harm your work.

Guaranteed resources

For each VPS cheap hosting is allocated system resources that are available only within a single virtual machine, it does not matter if you're using them at 100% or only a portion.

The possibility of reselling

VPS cheap hosting provides an opportunity not only to change the settings, but also to create VDS users, assign them permissions, making it ideal for reselling (resale) shared hosting.

But in any case, VPS cheap hosting provides complete security of your project and the posted information. The server plays a significant role in the development of your site and better in this case not to save.