VPS in Lithuania

Why VPS is always better than other hosting services? Opinion of DCXV Company

Providing of virual servers in Lithuania is one of the services rendered by DCXV (Xivicom) within the framework of which we provide the client with a virtual private server with allocation in The EU. Such server, although it is virtual, but fully corresponds to the physical server in terms of management and administration. That is, the server has the same characteristics as a physical server, for example: root access, its own IP address, its own rules for filtering and routing.

VPS server in Lithuania is an alternative solution that allows to completely replace a physical dedicated server. At the same time, hosting has such advantages as ease of configuration and subsequent management, high stability, while allowing at the initial stage to significantly save the funds allocated to the project. In addition, server has long been a full-fledged alternative to the physical server at much lower costs and consistently high quality of the services provided.

How does DCXV Company sees the providing of hosting services

Thanks to the unique virtualization technology, hosting with UAdomen is a guarantee of resource scalability (up to several physical servers), which in turn ensures maximum stability of your server.

You need special skills to use VPS

Using asuch servers requires a number of skills without which this service can not be used effectively enough. We will provide you with general assistance in the maintenance, such as server change or help when ordering additional extensions, as well as reboot, administrative issues, restore control and password change, while you will need to perform all the settings and maintain the server yourself.

If for some reason you can not do it yourself, then you always have the opportunity to use the services of a system administrator or order a separate technical support package from us. In the event that the above is not for you, we advise you to familiarize yourse. Find out more about the VPS as well as about other solutions on DCXV (Xivicom) site.