Virtual web server in Europe

What is virtual web server and the reasons to rent it

In the twenty-first century, everything is controlled by network technologies. Developing games, web applications, or developing sites for online stores - whatever you do, your activity sooner or later may require the use of virtual web server.

Virtual? What is it like?

This is when the client is provided not by a physical machine entirely, but only by a part of it, but with its operating system and fixed resources. Working with virtual solution is no different from working with a physical server: the client gets root rights in the operating system (or administrator rights, if suddenly you need a server with Windows) and no restrictions on the number of databases, domain zones, users and others.

So, I'm going to share a server with someone?

Yes. However, there is nothing to worry about - a virtual web server works independently of your "neighbors". Failure of one virtual server does not affect the operation of the computer as a whole, virtual servers are isolated from each other. Isolated and resources that use virtual servers - users of one host machine do not "drag" them to each other, each receives a fixed amount of memory and disk space.

And how it is better than usual hosting?

Such server is better than hosting by the number of options it provides - with root rights you can install any applications on the given OS, place as many databases or sites as you like. On a regular virtual hosting, several sites often use the same IP address, while each virtual server is assigned its own one.

With the hosting you will not be able to, for example, install the server for your game or set up the robot management on Arduino from the phone. DCXV solution gives you complete freedom of action.

And yet the advantages before hosting are not obvious. Why do I need virtual web server if I have a simple site in PHP + MySQL?

And what if it happens by chance that your site will gain popularity and will develop actively? Guaranteed resources that you get on your virtual server, the ability to easily increase their number, convenient features like backup - virtual hosting is not all that. But for the life of a serious project, these functions are simply necessary. If your site is already slowing down and there is not enough space on the hard drive, this is a sure sign that it's time to move on virual server: withDCXV you can rent servers on favorable terms, and if you pay for the year, you will get a 25% discount.