Virtual server to order in Europe?

DCXV (Xivicom) offers solution for those who are looking for virtual server to order?

To make the site popular to a large number of users, it should not only be interesting, but also functional. That's why it is very important to choose the right hosting, because it will depend on it, how quickly the pages will load. That is why the question where virtual server to order is so important.

Many companies offer users to buy a virtual server or rent it. At the same time, virtual server may have different volumes and capacities are available. That is why, when choosing what virtual server to order for a particular project and functionality, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that a full range of services is purchased. In addition to the memory of a certain volume, the client gets the opportunity to create and edit library versions, save and delete software and various files. Also on VPS you can install any OS or necessary software on your own.

Reasons virtual server to order

This hosting makes expensive engineering and server equipment available without the need to purchase server space. When ordering the service of virtual server, you ensure the stable operation of your site. In most cases, users want to have VPS hosting for the following reasons:

  • Control (get the opportunity to use their applications);

  • Security (to have your own server space);

  • Isolation (to prevent the occurrence of failures associated with hacker attacks, errors of other users, etc.);

  • Potential for growth.

Do you need to know server management if you decided virtual server to order?

You do not need to have the skills of system administration. Right after the purchase of hosting services you will have access to a convenient and intuitive cPanel. It will help to easily place a website on the Internet, even if you have never done this before.

The main features of virtual server to order:

  • Fast file upload for hosting;

  • Installation of popular CMS in one click;

  • Easy management of databases and backups;

  • Convenient management of mailboxes.

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