Dedicated server administration in Europe

Learn more about virtual server rental VDS in Europe from DCXV (Xivicom) Company.

Owners of Internet projects targeted at the Europan audience, no doubt, already appreciated the advantages of hosting sites from Lithuanian hosting provider DCXV. This is not surprising, because the server response time for EY users connected via ADSL technology usually does not exceed 8-9 milliseconds, during which the data passes through only 2-3 nodes in the global network. In case of placing a site in Russia or USA, these parameters for virtual server rental VDS can be significantly higher, which, all other things being equal, undoubtedly affects the visual speed of the site. In addition, for online stores, hosting on servers in EU has become not only desirable, but a necessary condition for the business. If your site has already grown from the limitations of a conventional shared hosting, an virtual server rental VDS service on a technical site in EU is the great decision.

The service virtual server rental VDS in DCXV (Xivicom) data center includes:

  • Testing, as well as selecting the most appropriate server configuration;

  • Installing the OS on the selected server and the standard software package by our specialists;

  • Granting the client all rights to administer a virtual server;

  • Server repair / replacement;

  • Re-automatic installation of OS and standard software on the server

  • Servicing and support of servers in 24 * 7 * 365 mode.

The vSphere platform provides maximum levels of availability, performance and best response time for virtual server rental VDS. Thanks to the ability to cluster all servers using High Availability technology, which allows you to distribute system load across all hardware and also load the file system, minimizing resources for server maintenance. When the server fails, the virtual servers automatically migrate to any physical server that is free from the cluster. A huge plus is automatic migration to a less busy server without the assistance of a technical support specialist.

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