Virtual server rental price

Parameters wich determines virtual server rental price in DCXV (Xivicom) data center

Renting a virtual server gives its owner wide opportunities. If you are not an expert in web administration, the ISPManager 5 Lite panel will provide you with VPS control without any additional knowledge of the server software. On your GVS using the panel you can: create hosting accounts, create users, allocate space, create boxes, FTP-accounts, etc. But what tariff to choose and how to get the best virtual server rental price?

Why virual sever rental is a must nowdays?

It's no secret that virtual servers have become very popular. When hosting is not enough, and before the dedicated server the project is not yet big, the VPS is an excellent "transitional" version. Pros for this type of hosting a lot:

  • You can change any settings:

  • Behind the iron follows the hoster;

  • There are no neighbors on the server, because of which there can be brakes;

  • The virtual server rental price lower than for dedicated server.

Of course, there are disadvantages in comparison with the Hosting:

  • The virtual server rental price is usually higher;

  • You have to deal with setting up a VPS or buying a control panel;

  • Poor virtual servers can work slower than shared hosting.

Each hoster offers several tariff plans and explains what determines the virtual server rental price. The difference in price depends on following factors.

The amount of traffic. On low-cost virtual server rental price, traffic is limited (this is rare, but it occurs). This hosting is suitable for a site with low attendance, which is just starting work. In the future, if the number of visitors to the portal grows, it can be moved to a hosting with unlimited traffic.

The allowed number of sites. The lower the virtual server rental price, the less sites on it can be placed. For a cheap tariff plan, it is normal to place 1 -5 sites, for expensive - 20 or more. Other elements of the extended functionality are the creation of a number of ftp-accounts, databases and mailboxes.

Software. Additional software (paid "engines" for sites, designers, services), which is used at functional tariffs - is another factor that increases the cost of hosting.

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